About the models

Empirical model

The empirical model is adapted from the algoritm of Hipsey et al. (2013). In this algorithm, the thermal discharge is given an entrainment coefficient, which is calculated from its drag coefficient and slope angle. The discharge progressively enters the different water layers, thereby growing and getting diluted as it entrains ambient water. It stabilizes when it reaches neutral buoyancy.

Implementation: Adrien Gaudard

Analytical model

The analytical model is based on the work of Jirka (2004). The properties of the thermal discharge are modeled along its path. Conservation of mass, momentum, buoyancy and scalar quantities are enforced in the flow, and entrainment is modeled via both streamwise and azimuthal shear. The quantities perpendicular to the flow axis are assumed to decrease following a Gaussian law.

Implementation: Philipp Meier, Adrien Gaudard

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